Equipping the People of God for the Healing of the Nations

We are delighted that you have chosen us to minister deliverance to you. Impact Deliverance Center is designed by God to serve every Church, Pastor and Leader with Rehabilitation. We offer deep Ministry that will bring a fresh Fire and Revival to the body of Christ!

Access Our School of Deliverance Program Worldwide.

No matter where you are in the world, you have access our Deliverance Program, which includes Deliverance Counseling,  School of Deliverance & School of Prayer Warfare Training.
You can be Healed and Delivered right in the privacy of your home, small church groups, prayer groups and business places. Click on On-Line School  to Register Today. We encourage Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, and Caregivers working with Christian organizations. Prophetess Paula is available to bring the School of Deliverance and School of Prayer Warfare into your church and ministry. Please fill out the invitation request form.

School of Deliverance & Inner-Healing

One way in which we will be providing spiritual rehabilitation is through our Deliverance Program. Through our School of Deliverance & Counseling, we minister to the root causes of the individual's problems, helping them to identify and overcome any deep seated issues. While in the deliverance program, we will work with the individuals to educate, train,empower and equip them with the skills and tools necessary to regain control of their lives.

In order to participate in Deliverance Program, all individuals must enroll and be willing to fully involve themselves positively in every class & counseling session. The atmosphere is set for deliverance,healing,miracles,signs and wonders. The School of Deliverance is held for a twelve month period (see schedule). Each student will receive a certificate upon receiving deliverance and the completion of all courses. These training schools are designed to be vehicles of impartation, providing a life-changing experience that will remove emotional pain and blockages in your life, discover who God created you to be and what He created you for and equip you for fruitful ministry.  For more information, or to Register click on our on-line School of Deliverance page.

The School of Deliverance was birthed out of passion and experience of working with the Body of Christ for the past twenty-five years. Our desire is to see God's people set free from their bondages of sin, un-godly bondage relationships (soul-ties), witchcraft and sickness through deliverance; and experience God's healing power. Deliverance and healing are signs that point to the resurrection of Christ. Deliverance is the key!!!

Our goal is to provide effective ministry and to bring deliverance to the Church. This website is intended to provide you with information about our ministry. We pray as you read through these pages that you will find all of the information on our School of Deliverance, School of Prayer Warfare, Deliverance Counseling, Seminars. We specialize in the areas of deliverance, inner-healing, counseling, spiritual growth, dealing with generational curses, witchcraft and un-godly bondage relationships (Soul-ties).

We have been serving the Body of Christ in the area of deliverance & spiritual warfare for many, many, years. The heart of the Ministry has remained focused on ministering freedom, healing and deliverance to Christians. We also provide training that will equip Christians to do the works of ministry. 

Prophetess Paula has an authority in ministering deliverance. She challenges Christian workers, business people, students, sales people, investors, atheletes, housewives and working people who want to rise up to win! Prophetess Paula teaches how to be free from your bondages and how to triumph victoriously over life's struggles by the power and wisdom of God's word. It will be a life-changing encounter that will equip you for fruitful living.


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