Paula's Profile

Prophetess Paula Prevost is set apart and Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel.

Areas of Calling: 

 Prophetess Paula is called by God to be an end-time Prophet. Paula is known for her accurate, Prophetic giftings and the mid-wife of deliverance. She is being used by God in Prophetic deliverance. She has a strong Prophetic Anointing on her life. She has been chosen by God to be a powerful woman who will give birth to your deliverance and break every chain of bondage over your life.


 Paula is Spirit filled, dedicated, and a humble servant of God who has been blessed with opportunities to minister extensively throughout the Caribbean, Dutch Islands, United States of America and Canada. She has been involved in full-time deliverance & spiritual warfare for the past twenty years

She has
 gained experience in the following areas of ministry during her years of service.

  • Deliverance & Inner-Healing
  • Evangelism
  • Counseling-Family issues
  • Teaching the Word of God


  • Pastored four (4) churches
  • Preached and taught the Word of God
  • Inculcated discipline and divine order to believers through structure
  • Ministered to the congregations in the area of deliverance and healing
  • Provided family counseling
  • Prophetess is presently established and operating a Deliverance Center in the Orlando area.


  • Over twenty (20) years of experience in deliverance ministry with opportunities to minister:
  • Throughout the West Indies
  • In Spanish and Dutch speaking countries of the Caribbean-working with interpreters 
  • Throughout the United States of America 
  • Throughout several churches within Metropolitan Toronto and other Provinces

Crusades: Guest speaker at numerous Crusades and Revival meetings where God used her to see many:

  • Come into the Kingdom of God
  • Healed of physical ailments
  • Delivered of demonic Possession
  • Paula's Skills & Giftings
  • Strongly committed woman of God, dedicated to the Lord’s service
  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently or as a team
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Woman of Integrity
  • Enjoy serving people.
  • She flow in the gifts of Prophecy, discernment, and word of knowledge,
  • Paula is a gifted Teacher, Intercessor, Counselor, Communicator and Organizer

Prophetess Paula Prevost, a powerful woman of God, served the minsitry as  Administrator/Secretary. She has been faithful to the call and vision since 1996. She is serving as a watchman for the ministry with  passion. She carries a strong prophetic, teaching, healing and deliverance anointing. 

Prophetess Paula has fulfilled far more a responsibility than being just a minister. She has served as receptionist, crusade coordinator, School of Deliverance Director,  Secretary, Teacher & Intercessor. She has been involved in full-time ministry from 1994 and has been traveling full time.  Paula is a dedicated and humble servant of God.

Prophetess Paula has made many personal sacrifices and has been through many struggles to give birth to the School of Deliverance. As a result of her surrender life, sacrifice, faithfulness, hardwork, obedience to every instruction of God and being guided by the Holy Spirit she has seen the hand of God move. She gives God all the glory. She is so very grateful. Mrs. Prevost, who is affectionately known as “Paula Agnes Loblack ” to family and friends, has been raised up by God with a powerful call in the Phophetic, Intercession and warfare prayer. She has been a vessel through whom the Lord has set hundreds of people free from various addictions and bondages. 

Prophetess Paula  is a strong woman offstage as she passionately serves the body of Christ. Gifted with an unusal anointing. She has the ability to reach and stir her audiences with a Strong Prophetic Anointing in Warfare Prayer. Prophetess Paula is a woman who has great faith in God and has been through the process. 

She is a Prophetic Intercessor that seeks God for the salvation of many souls, and deliverance & inner-healing in the lives of God’s people. Paula’s desire and passion is to teach believers how to War aggressively in the Spirit according to God's Word, which enables them to obtain victory in their lives, and gives them the knowledge, principles, authority, rules, and precepts of warfare prayer. She is a true warrior!

God has blessed her with one beautiful daughter, Tissia.  Prophetess Paula resides in Orlando, Florida.

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