Prophetess Paula Loblack, Transformation Coach, Life Strategist & Speaker, Kingdom Builder, Helping others to find real Purpose and Fulfillment.

All through Paula's life, she's had prophetic insight of God's plan and purpose for her life. Today she  follows God’s purpose for her life with passion, zeal and determination. Prophetess Paula is a Prophet of God to the Nations, called and trained as God's warrior by the Holy Spirit. Prophetess Paula has dedecated her life to serving God and humanity. She is the author "A Pastors Wife Survived the Mistress" Prophetess Paula is a life Coach, Mentor, Deliverance Counselor, Author and Pastor. She has over twenty years serving the body of Christ and community at-large. Paula is an empowerment specialist with great back ground in Prayer, Intercession and Transforming lives. 

Gifted with a strong prophetic call, she has ministered in the Dutch Islands, the West Indies,Caribbean, Canada and the United States of America, where she has conducted  Schools of Deliverance, School of Prayer & Deliverance Counseling Programs, Seminars & Workshops.

She has been guest speaker at  numerous events and conferences. She is an anointed and powerful speaker on deliverance, relationship issues, prayer and spiritual warfare. Prophetess Paula Hosts Her Own Internet TV and Radio Show. Frequently appears as a guest on Radio and TV talk shows. She is the President of Impact Deliverance Center Inc,
and Paula Loblack Ministries Inc.

Prophetess Paula is driven with a burning desire to win lost men and women to Christ and bring deliverance to those who have been enslaved by the bondage of hurtful habits, satanic torment and generational curses. In her Deliverance Empowerment Mentoring Deliverance Program and Prayer Meetings she has witnessed many who have been completely set free from Satan's power and are now living normal, healthy and productive lives as overcoming Christians. She prays for the sick and has witnessed many healings and miracles from the hand of God.

Prophetess Paula's assignment from God is to bring people out of their bondages and release them into their God given purpose and destiny for their lives. Paula is known for her mandate to challenge you to a deeper level and life changing experience in Christ Jesus. Prophetess Paula has never compromised or been afraid to teach the truth, whereas other pastors would not address these issues because of losing members and/or money. Her concern is getting God's people Free! There are many testimonies throughout the United States and all over the world of people being delivered through her ministry. Her ministry has been a blessing to many.   

Paula has been called to a life of intercession and prayer. She realized that any ministry  which is used of God in miraculous ways must be under girded with a strong foundation of intercessory prayer.

She consistently intercedes  for her ministry, and calls upon God for the salvation of many souls, the building up of the body of Christ, deliverance and inner-healing in the lives of God’s people. 

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