Changing Lives and Setting the Captives Free!

Impact Deliverance Center is a Spiritual Rehab, Spiritual Hospital, Healing Room, Deliverance Clinic and Holy Ghost Boot Camp. That's who we are.  Our ministry is designed by God not to blend in, but to stand out.

Deliverance Prayer & Teaching: 
Join us in Person at 10:30 am
The Colonial Grand Events Center
970 Day Circle, Lake Mary, FL 
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Our Deliverance and Prayer Training Conference Service is open to the body of Christ and community at large who are hungry and thirsty for God. The Deliverance Training Services, ministry and conferences will challenge and equip you to go to a deeper level in your walk with God. Spiritual deliverance prayers from curses and witchcraft coupled with counseling training designed to revolutionize your life. Our services will give you understanding of effective warfare prayer and ministry will help you to overcome all the powers of the enemy. Prayer is the key! Effective prayer is not hard to do but spiritual deliverance prayer is different; It's not worship, it's not fellowshipping with the Lord; it's found in speaking the Word of God with authority. Effective believers are interested in powerful deliverance praying that stops the enemy.

Impact Deliverance Center is located in the City of Lake Mary, FL, twenty minutes from Orlando.  If you are looking for Prophetic deliverance prayer  that addresses demonic issues, this type of deliverance ministry prayer service is for you. Are you looking for Holy Ghost revival Services as  food for your  spirit,  soul and body?  Our Deliverance Rehab training ministry conferences are for you. You may be struggling financially, physically, emotionally, or spiritually; our prayer, counseling services, conferences and ministry will help you to break every curse on your life and stop every demonic attack on your health!  These conferences, counseling sessions, training sessions and  ministries will release your finances from every bondage! After these training  ENCOUNTERS, you'll walk in spiritual victory.

 Deliverance prayer services and ministry will educate, train and empower you to desire more of the Holy Spirit in your life.  These deliverance conferences, services and prayer ministry are life changing and soul searching. You will be trained how to release yourself from every demonic torment that is holding you back! Our Orlando healing services and prayer ministry training sessions will unleash the full potential of your God-given destiny!

Through our deliverance services, ministry, training, counseling and conferences, we have seen countless numbers healed and thousands are set free from demonic possession. Don't let the enemy talk you out of these deliverance services, conferences, counseling  and prayer training ministry that will be one of the most significant spiritual experiences in your life. Seize this opportunity and receive the training, prayer, counseling and ministry services that will take you to a new level in your life.

Our deliverance service in Orlando has witnessed many who have been completely set free from Satan's power through counseling, school of deliverance and prayer training services, and are now living normal healthy and productive lives as overcoming Christians. If we are honest with ourselves, most of us know what "skeletons are hiding in our closets." We know the real demons that confront us every day. In these last days the church of the body of Christ need to be exposed to the deliverance ministry for counseling, training and spiritual warfare. It will take an  anointed deliverance minister to bring deliverance and help each individual to become totally free from the yoke of the devil. (2 Cor 10:4). This ministry's training conferences and counseling sessions will break every bondage on your life. Powerful prayer training conferences will relieve demonic torment that is holding you back! The conferences and counseling alone will unleash the full potential of your God-given destiny!

 Be prepared to engage the enemy in our training services and conferences. Come with an open heart to receive the training and counseling of Prophetess Paula.  The days for playing church are over. Again and again people tell us that , "my pastor, my priest, my counselor, my church, my ministry does not know how to handle demons". I have been through counseling at my church and  they've helped me as much as they can. "You're My Last Hope!". There are many wonderful people in our churches today , but they just aren't trained to deal with demons and the supernatural. As a result, every day people are looking for churches, conferences, counseling and ministries who know how to deal with the devil and his demons. This ministry's, training, conferences and counseling are the right place for you. You will receive powerful warfare prayers and training on spiritual warfare by Prophetess Paula and your life will never be the same again. Spiritual deliverance with effective prayers and counseling can no longer be ignored.

Many people in churches live with the constant fear of rejection.  Rejection plagues us in every area of life; in relationships, decision making, to filling your personal call and ultimately your destiny in God. Deliverance counseling, training and ministry is still for today. If we refuse to receive this type of counseling, training and deliverance from rejection;  it's crippling effect on our security and identity will cause us to question and  doubt God's love. Our ministry's conferences, services , counseling and  training sessions  will expose the root and fruit of rejection  and equip you to overcome.  A personal revelation of the Father's unconditional acceptance is a key element in the restoration of the rejected.  These training ministry services, conferences and warfare prayers will seek to bring healing and freedom into deep areas of woundedness and release the child of God that He created and desired you to be.

For more information on our deliverance and healing services, counseling prayer sessions and conferences please call us at 321 247 5685

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