Deliverance Seminars

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We will be teaching a full series on Generational Curses!

Orlando, FL Every Friday 

Time: 7:30pm
In addition to our School of Deliverance Program we also offer Free weekly Deliverance Seminars. Through our seminars, we help individuals identify the underlining causes of the problems or issues they are experiencing. These deliverance seminars which we hold as a part of this series are a preview or small dosage of the information which is provided in the School of Deliverance Program. These teaching serve as an entrance point into the programs offered by Impact Deliverance Center. Individuals who attend our deliverance seminars will have the opportunity to get a feel of the School of Deliverance and a firsthand experience of the type of work we are involved in.

The Deliverance seminars are held weekly. In order for these deliverance seminars to be effective each individual must be a willing participant and want to get help. These teachings become very similar to therapy sessions as people come face to face with the issues that affect them. Once an individual has gone through these deliverance teachings and identified the causes of the problems they are dealing with, they can chose to participate in the School of Deliverance Program which will help them to overcome the problems.

Impact Deliverance Center is a unique place of peace and reflection, that opens the doors to a fulfilling and abundant, Christ-centred life. The Ministry not only focuses on the healing of the wounded and broken people of God, it also encourages the development and nurturing of godly character and the spiritual gifts that God has placed with each person's life. Together, these are the beginnings of abundant growth and a vibrant relationship in Christ, with this as our purpose, Impact Deliverance Center is dedicated to the building up of the whole person in order to see each one released into the fullness that God ordained for them.

Embracing the Freedom Father has for us.....