Deliverance  Program

Breaking Bondages & Setting Captives Free!

Contact us for an Evaluation: 321 247 5685

An Evaluation is required prior to checking into our Spiritual Clinic, Spiritual Hospital & Healing Room. There is an evalutation fee.

Deliverance Program which includes:

  • School of Deliverance & Inner-Healing  
  • Premarital Deliverance Counseling
  • School of Prayer Warfare
  • Breaking Generational Curses
  • Prophetic Mentorship

Our training schools are designed to be vehicles of impartation, providing a life-changing experience that will remove emotional pain and blockages in your life. Discover who God created you to be and what He created and equipped you for. All students will receive a study manual for the program.

School of Deliverance Program has successfully treated adults from all walks of life to regain control of there lives for over twenty-five years. Unlike secular rehab our Deliverance Program focuses on the healing of Spirit, Soul and Body. It is a proven fact that demons are affecting the mind, will and emotions of our leaders and the entire body of Christ. Our treatment at the center is designed to impact marriages and families especially Pastors and those in Leadership.

Our deliverance program offer three months, six months and one year program. Individuals will be fitted into a package based on their personal evaluation and disagnosis of their problem. All students will need an evaluation and be diagnosed before they can enroll into the program. Impact Deliverance Center provides personalized Deliverance Rehabilitation and Healing programs that are both effective and affordable. This is a non-refundable program. 

Each student will receive a certificate upon completion of the twelve month program. 

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