The Leaves of the Tree were for the Healing of the Nations

The School of Deliverance  Program was founded in 1994. Prophetess Paula started the deliverance and inner-healing ministry school in 1994 with a passion to bring the ministry of Deliverance & Inner-Healing to the Body of Christ.  God ordained and anointed this powerful woman of  God to bring the ministry school of deliverance and inner-healing through education and training under the authority and power of apostolic and prophetic anointing. The apostolic ministry school began its transforming process through intense and effective intercession that birthed the School of Deliverance and the ministry school of Inner-Healing. Prophetess Paula devotes her life and resources to teaching believers everywhere to identify the sources of spiritual weakness, deception and defeat and to learn strategies of warfare to enable them to get and maintain their own freedom.

 What qualifies Prophetess Paula to minister to you?  From childhood she experienced demonic attacks on her health through generational spirits of witchcraft that almost crippled her entire life. Paula was a captive herself and in bondage, plagued with generational curses, struggling with witchcraft spirits, suffering with rejection and emotional issues.  Paula went through the process of apostolic deliverance and inner-healing and has been totally set free by the power of the Holy Spirit and now living a healthy, normal and productive life as an overcoming Christian. Prophetess Paula is the mid-wife of deliverance and the School of Deliverance Director.

 Paula carries a strong prophetic, teaching, inner-healing and deliverance anointing ministry. She has been a vessel through whom the Lord has set hundreds of people free from witchcraft and various addiction bondages.  Prophetess Paula is gifted with an unusual apostolic anointing. She has the ability to minister; reaching and stirring her audiences with a strong prophetic anointing in warfare prayer  she has been through the process of deliverance and inner-healing.

The Prophetic and intercessory ministry anointing on the life of Prophetess  Paula will bring people out of their bondages and release them into their God given purpose, destiny and ministry for their lives. Prophetess Paula is known for the Prophetec anointing and ministry assignment defined in (Is 61:1). It is the Lord who calls his people into the apostolic ministry and school of inner-healing, but it is important to receive training and education from a midwife of deliverance who is anointed and experience in her calling and ministry.

The Deliverance Program which includes, The School of Deliverance, Deliverance Counseling, School of Prayer Warfare was birthed from Paula's life and ministry. She has a definite call from God to bring deliverance and Inner-healing with a strong prophetic anointing on her life for ministry.

The School of Deliverance and School of Prayer not only provides tools, but also reveals specific keys used to minister apostolic inner-healing into root problems. Many keys are taught in the School of Deliverance and School of Prayer Warfare which will bring inner-healing, apostolic deliverance, anointing and spiritual wholeness into the lives of hurting people.

Prophetess Paula is the midwife of Deliverance with a strong Prophetic anointing imparting insight and practical tools gained from more than twenty years of ministering deliverance with an anointing and inner-healing. We encourage pastors, evangelists, missionaries, ministers or other caregivers working with Christian organizations to attend this School of Deliverance with the anointing to break yokes. In addition, it is valuable training for all of those who need inner-healing, apostolic deliverance and the anointing to break the chains of witchcraft. Over the past twenty years of working with Christians, we have found many sincere, faithful saints struggling with pornography, witchcraft, ongoing sins, sickness and emotional pain that simply won't go away. The apostolic and prophetic anointing breaks the yokes!

Multitudes came to hear Him and sat under the anointing in order to be healed and delivered from evil spirits. Witchcraft is the manipulation and control of an individual's mind. Once you are able to control an individual's mind, you are able to control their life. There are various forms of witchcraft which may involve Santeria, Sorcery, White Magic and Black Magic etc. Many churches are also under diabolical witchcraft attacks. Many churches have tolerated and accepted witchcraft and its practices as culture and see no wrong in it. God issued a firm warning to the church of Thyatira of allowing the spirit of witchcraft to operate and that death shall come to all who practice such things. (Revelation 21:8).  The apostolic anointing on Prophetess Paula's  life will break every curse of witchcraft and pornography upon your life.

Witchcraft, lust and pornography go hand in hand.  So many people are battling against the spirit of witchcraft and pornography, lust and sexual perversion that is trying to destroy their lives, marriages, schools and ministry. Maybe you sense that something is wrong but can't put your finger on it. The ministry apostolic anointing on the apostolic School of Deliverance will help you discern and stop the powers of witchcraft, lust, pornography and homosexuality.

With the Apostolic ministry anointing upon her, the anointing is so strong it will challenge Christians workers, business people, school students, sales people, investors, athletes, housewives and working people who want to rise up and win! The apostolic school of Inner-healing and anointing is a life-changing encounter that will equip you for fruitful and prosperous living. Each ministry student who attends the School of Deliverance will receive a certificate upon completion of the deliverance and inner-healings courses.

Sometimes changes are progressive and sometimes instantaneous. The change, however, will be dramatic. There will be an increase of joy, liberty, peace, and success; that will result in a better spiritual life with an increase of strength and holiness. Register Today for the School of Inner-Healing!

Tools: Endeavor to equip the Body of Christ and to educate them on witchcraft,  occult and pornography and give the school and church of Jesus some of the essential tools to go out and reach the lost. To touch the hurting, broken and those who need healing to help bring them into the full inheritance laid up for them by their heavenly Father.

Keys: Understanding of God's provision for bringing the right tools to release deep inner-healing ministry and sustaining freedom from barriers that block people from enjoying an abundant Spirit-filled life. The body of Christ needs the ministry of inner-healing!

Dynamic Teaching on Inner-Healing: The intensive biblically based teaching ministry is designed to not only give knowledge, but to bring understanding and loose impartation, and release the participants into applying the principles being taught. 

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